ISO 9001 Certified Company in ME & Africa

Clarity Solutions used LG Digital Signage Screens and Samsung LED Display screens for hundreds of installed and delivered most elegant Digital Signage UAE and Africa Projects. For Digital Signage in Dubai and Digital Menu Board Dubai Projects, Clarity Solutions use Digital signage media player of reputed brands and LED Display in Dubai brands including LG and Samsung. Our Professional LED Digital Signage Display Solutions includes Indoor LED, Outdoor LED, Transparent LED, Digital Signage in Dubai, LED Display in Dubai, Outdoor LED Screen UAE, Indoor LED, LED Display Screen, LED Screen Rental, Outdoor LED Display Advertising, Outdoor LED Video Solutions, Indoor LED Screen, LED Screens Advertising in Dubai and Outdoor LED Screen Dubai. Clarity Solutions Offer LG, Samsung and NEC LED Professional Digital Signage package with Media Players including Navori, AOpen, and Brightsign.


Clarity solutions implemented 100 plus LED digital signage projects using LG professional LED signage monitors all over UAE and Africa. We are No 1 signage company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Clarity Solutions’ LED digital signage solutions are unique and outstanding. We offer LED signage displays with digital signage player and software.

Clarity has done 100 plus Digital Signage projects using LG Professional Digital Signage LED monitors and Digital signage players including Aopen, Brightsign and SmartAVI USA. Our Digital Signage projects are very innovative and unique and that is the reason Clarity Solutions is considered as the leading Digital LED Signage Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


  1. Longer hour continuous usage
  2. Scheduling function
  3. Robust design
  4. Higher contrast
  5. Better color saturation
  6. Inbuilt memory
  7. Excellent design
  8. 3 Years of comprehensive support

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