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Video Wall suppliers Abu Dhabi and LG video wall Dubai

Most of Clarity Solutions’ Video Wall in Dubai Projects have been completed using products including LG Video Wall Screens, Samsung Video Wall Displays, and NEC Video Wall LED Displays. Clarity Solutions used Video Wall Controller from Brands including SmartAVI, Datapath, Matrox for most of Video Wall in Dubai Installations, and Video Wall Abu Dhabi Suppliers Projects. Clarity Solutions Video Wall Dubai and Video Wall Abu Dhabi projects in association with Video Wall Suppliers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been highly creative and unique. Our association with LG Video Wall UAE Companies and Samsung Video Wall Dubai Companies has been exceedingly long and with this strong bonding, we created some of the best Video Walls in Dubai and Video Walls in Abu Dhabi.


Clarity implements the complete LED monitoring video wall solutions for the NOC room monitoring. We are associated with most network companies in the UAE.

Network operation centers use bigger LED video wall displays for monitoring purpose. Clarity solutions has implemented some 50 plus NOC room Video Wall projects with some of the leading Computer Network Providing Companies. Clarity solutions use brands including LG & Samsung LED Video Wall screens and Video Wall Controllers including SmartAVI for the NOC room Projects.

Video Wall Controller & Processor is an integral part of NOC Room Video Wall Installations as there will be multiple inputs of various resolutions to be processed and shown as a full HD output onto the video wall. This can be only possible with the use of a sophisticated Video Wall Controller & Processor which works 24x7 in a very silent mode.


  1. High resolutions LED video wall screens
  2. Multi input/ Multi output video wall controller
  3. Video wall management software
  4. Silent operation
  5. Error reporting
  6. 24x7 Usage
  7. Highly Reliable System
  8. Password Protection

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